Sistrunk Soup

SistrunkSoupflyer2Sistrunk SOUP is now at The MEGAPHONE in Northwest Gardens !

Enjoy awesome performances and project proposals, then place your vote. All community donations go into a “Money Pot” Micro-Grant. The community votes for the best project, that wins the micro-grant. All grant recipients are required to provide a progress report of their funded project to the community at a later date.


Sistrunk SOUP is also a platform for local performers to gain exposure and experience. The performer who receives the most community votes will be featured as a paid guest performer at the next SOUP and receive an honorarium of $100 for their guest performance.

Please if you are interested in being either a project presenter or a performer at the upcoming Sistrunk SOUP!

The SOUP is a monthly event funded by the HACFL for the community to get together, share their talents and discuss new business ideas to improve our community. The entry fee is $5 and money collected goes towards a Micro-grant. Each person gets to  vote on the ideas and talent presented and at the end of the event, whoever gets the most votes gets the micro-grant. The winning person returns to the next Sistrunk SOUP to report on the progress of their project.SistrunkSoup_event



Sistrunk SOUP will be held at The MEGAPHONE in the NW Gardens Community.

Community Partners:



Sistrunk “SOUP” serves up fellowship, art and business ideas – Sunsentinel 8/15/2017 :

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